MALIBU Caravans

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Malibu Caravans

Malibu is an Australian caravan company based in Campbellfield Victoriawho has built a great range of high quality aluminium Caravans.

Australian caravan manufacturers building quality caravans from the ground up and one of the very few caravan brands to feature aluminium which is designed to last well past the life of a traditional timber frame caravan. Aluminium provides great strength, resistance to water damage, considerable weight savings and durable combination.

Malibu Caravans do not compromise on quality or craftsmanship and have a strict quality control procedure in place, with a team of skilled, motivated and highly qualified employees, and external subcontractors for electrical and plumbing.

Malibu Caravans is an RVMAP Accreditation Manufacturer which shows they are committed to consistently build and supply a product that adheres to all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and Regulations and Australian Standards (AS). This also means their products are regularly audited by an independent body to ensure they are compliant with standards.

With their modern and versatile caravans Malibu offers you the freedom to choose between a large number of standard layouts, customised layouts and optional extras, all chosen to work in perfectly with your luxury caravan. 

 Malibu’s handmade caravans are designed and engineered for greater strength and durability to handle the tough Australian conditions in comfort and safety